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Doug is a lifelong resident of South Dakota, raised near Huron.  He graduated from James Valley Christian High School. He spent his first year of college at Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota. The following year he transferred to Mitchell Technical Institute, where he graduated in 1994 with a Associates Degree in Electronic Communications. 

Doug is a caring husband to his lovely wife Stacey, father of five wonderful children and grandfather of two granddaughters. 

As for his interaction with music, Doug has always enjoyed and loved playing the piano, even at a very early age. As a young boy, Doug's musical aspirations began to flourish. His parents helped to develop his musical gifts by providing piano lessons taught by various instructors.  Doug enjoyed playing during worship services at church and performing in various bands.  Doug's keen interest in music and improvisation all helped pave the way to bring Doug to a place where he would decide to produce his first two instrumental albums Face of the Deep (2003) and Awakening of Dreams (2004). 

Doug's good friend Ken Verheecke helped Doug with some of the production on Face of the Deep. He mainly just brought out the best in Doug by giving a red or green light with the technical issues of music and recording. Ken also added a few tasty guitar licks to three of the twelve tracks on Face of the Deep. Awakening of Dreams features Doug entirely on his own as a self-producer. This album, like Face of the Deep also features Doug as a pianist, perhaps with an electronic-based edge, with plenty of synth-texturing, new-age elements at times, blended with an attitude of jazz-fusion to match. In 2010 Doug released Vibe, another instrumental album featuring an assorted blend of piano and electronic elements. Ken’s guitar licks also appear on a few songs from this album. Glimmer, also released in 2010, features the more acoustic piano side of Doug, with electronic elements and synth textures being put on hold for another time. Doug is happy to note that Glimmer has been released through Many Miles Music.

The following is how Many Miles Music defines itself. “Many Miles Music is an American recorded music company focused on instrumental compilations in the acoustic guitar and piano, Contemporary Classical, New Age, Fingerstyle, and Chamber Music categories. Much of the music in our catalog was produced by Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records. Our label is a joint venture between artists of a similar mindset. We record our music independently, striving to create the best of the genre. Working in the finest studios, with renowned engineers, we capture some of the most beautiful acoustic instrumental music in the world. Each collection is carefully curated and organized to produce a soothing and uplifting set. Grammy award-winning engineer Corin Nelsen masters each painstakingly engineered production to the highest standards.”

Many Miles Music, decided rather than feature an artist’s entire album, has instead formed compilation albums by taking one or two songs from each artist’s album or work. Doug’s songs (a total of 3 so far) have been featured on both Many Miles album compilations “Winter Gifts” and “Winter Gifts II'.

In March of 2013,  Doug released another instrumental album,  "Overshadowed". It too, features Doug’s acoustic, (perhaps even whimsical or rustic) sensibilities. Yet there are plenty of subtle hints of mystery sprinkled throughout the duration of this album.